The body and world don’t exist

Pradeep Apte

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The body and world don’t exist

By Pradeep Apte Banner

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Master: Since you firmly believe that ‘I am the body’, I point towards your body and ask you, whose body is this?

Disciple: It’s my body.

M: You have certain ideas about everything, all ideas are thoughts and all these we collectively call the mind, whose mind is this?

D: It’s my mind.

M: You agree then that this body that I pointed out to and the mind I spoke of belong to you?

D: Yes.

M: That means they are your possessions, they belong to you and you are their possessor?

D: Yes.

M: If you are their possessor then can you be the possessions?

D: No.

M: Then you are neither the body nor the mind but their owner or possessor.

D: Yes.

M: Do you know the owner or the possessor?

D: No

M: Which means you do not know who you are?

D: No

M: Thus if you have no clear knowledge of who you are, all the learning, greatness and power you believe you have are false! Hence the first lesson you have to learn is about your own self, you must know who you are, isn’t it?

D: Yes, indeed.

M: So your primary task is to launch an enquiry into yourself and know who you are by asking the question: Who am I?

D: Yes

M: Apart from the reasoning that we began with, is there any way, method or test by which we can determine a particular thing to be ‘not I’ or ‘not me’?

D; Please tell me, I don’t know.

M: Would it not be to ask as to whether you exist or not in the absence of that particular thing?

D: Yes, that would be a convincing way.



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