The body and world don’t exist

M: Because if you exist regardless of that particular thing being or not it’s ‘not you’.

D: Agreed.

M: Your body with all its processes going on, we call it the gross body, while all that you have in mind we call it the subtle body.

D: Dreams as well?

M: While you are awake you know both the gross and the subtle body and when you are dreaming it is only the subtle body that is operating and giving you all the experiences.

D: And in deep sleep?

M: In deep sleep the body and world do not exist, the mind has subsided and with it go both the body and the world.

D: It’s a total blank!

M: You may say so, but your own existence as ‘I am’ was always there. This existence of the ‘I am’ is experienced by one and all.

D:  How so? It was a total blank!

M: Then how do you say you slept well or were fast asleep without any content – which you are now calling a blank?

D: I experienced it, I know it.

M: Which means you were there in spite of the blank.

D: Yes, I was there.

M: The body and the world weren’t there but you were there, which means the body and the world don’t exist but you always do.

D: The body and the world did not exist for me but for others they did and they’d tell me so when I woke up, so how can you say that the body and world don’t exist?

M: Existence and consciousness go together; there cannot be one without the other. The knowledge that you slept is the evidence of your existence in that time. Did you have to ask others that you slept or not? It’s your very own experience independent of others and proves your existence in deep sleep.

D: Yes, it’s my own experience, and nobody else can give true evidence of my being asleep

M: Which means your existence is self-evident. If the body and the world too have such an undeniable existence and consciousness why do they (the body and world) need the evidence of others to prove that they existed in deep sleep?

D: Their existence is not self-evident.

M: Right, because the evidence of others is needed to do so. I have already said that existence without consciousness is no existence at all, and since the knowledge that the body and the world exist in deep sleep is not self-



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