and ancient.
The teaching is simple, when the ‘I am’ arises, everything appears, when ‘I am’ subsides everything disappears. Onto your Absoluteness, which is without form or shape, came this knowledge ‘I am’, which is also without form or shape.
This knowledge ‘I am’ has spontaneously ‘appeared’ on your Absolute state, therefore it is an illusion. The feeling ‘I am’ is itself an illusion, therefore whatever is seen through this illusion cannot be real.
When you meditate on the knowledge ‘I am’, which is the beginning of knowledge, how can there be any questions? It is not with the body identification that you should sit for meditation. It is the knowledge ‘I am’ that is meditating on itself.
You should identify yourself only with this indwelling knowledge ‘I am’. That is all. Sit in meditation by identifying with the ‘I am’, dwell only on the ‘I am’- not merely the words ‘I am’.
Forget all about physical disciplines in this connection and just be with the knowledge ‘I am’. When you are established in the ‘I am’ there are no thoughts or words.
It is the ‘I am’ that investigates the ‘I am’ and on realizing its falsehood it disappears and merges into eternity.
Along with the knowledge ‘I am’ appears space and the world. When the knowledge ‘I am’ departs the world is liquidated.
My Guru taught me what ‘I am’, I pondered only on that. My original state is to be in that state where there is no ‘I am’.
Catch hold of the ‘I am’ and all obstacles will evaporate, you will be beyond the realm of body-mind.
The ‘I am’ in body form can reach the highest state only if you understand, accept it and dwell there. Then you escape birth and death.
The body identity cannot get this knowledge, the knowledge ‘I am’ must get this knowledge; when knowledge abides in knowledge there is transcendence of knowledge.
The ‘I am’ has great potency, the entire manifestation has come from it. When you dwell in the ‘I am’ as your destiny you realize that your destiny is not death but the disappearance of ‘I am’.
Go to the ‘I am’ state, remain there, merge and go beyond. If you were to dwell in the ‘I am’ and firmly abide in it, all external things will lose their grip on you.
You are the Reality beyond the ‘I am’, YOU ARE PARABRAHMAN. Meditate on this and remember this, finally this idea too shall leave you. Understand the ‘I am’, transcend it and realize the Absolute.


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NOTE: The entire text of this video is also available on The Nisargadatta blog with the same title. The text of this video is almost same as one of my earlier video titled the Core of Sri maharaj’s Teaching except that there some more additions in it.

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