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The end of a wanderer, based on the teachings of

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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The Teaching


1. The ‘I am’ came first, it’s ever present, ever available, refuse all thoughts except ‘I am’, stay there.

Understanding the ‘I am’, your sense of ‘being’ or just ‘presence’ is extremely important as on it rests the entire outcome of the teaching.

Firstly, are you at all aware of your ‘being’ or of the fact that ‘you are’?

You have ‘to be’ before anything else can ‘ be’, your sense of ‘presence’ or the feeling ‘I am’ is very fundamental to anything that has to follow. Secondly, this sense of ‘being’ or the feeling ‘I am’, was it not the very first event or happening before any of your living experiences could begin? Apply your mind go back in time to the moment when it dawned on you that ‘you are’ or ‘I am’. This ‘I am’ is still there with you, ever present, ever available, it was and still is the first thought, refuse all other thoughts and come back there and stay there. So try to understand and grasp this ‘beingness’ or ‘I amness’ that is inherent in you. The more precisely and clearly you do it the more rapid would be your progress.

2. Just stay put firmly and establish yourself in the ‘I am’, reject all that does not go with ‘I am’.

Having understood the ‘I am’ in every way, the next thing is to stay there, establish yourself in your sense of ‘being’ and not deviate from it at all. The very moment you start thinking about anything else you can be lest assured there have been ‘add-ons’ on the basic ‘I am’ and it has lost its purity. Reject anything that is ‘I am plus …’and so forth because all the rest are contaminants and do not go with it.

To Be Continued


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